R wrapper for RAMM API

John Bull, March 18, 2019

raltra: R wrapper for RAMM API

RAMM is the system used by the NZ Transport Agency to store and manage its road asset information.

Generally users interact with RAMM using propriety software running in a Citrix window, however, RAMM also provides an API for retrieving information from the underlying database. The API can be accessed over HTTP, allowing third-party users to interact with the underlying database programmatically.

We have developed a simple wrapper library in the R programming language that can be used to retrieve data from the RAMM database directly from within a R script or terminal session. This enables the data retrieval step to be included in an analysis script, rather than having to manually retrieve the data as a text file prior to running the analysis script.

The data is returned as a R data.frame object.

Inclusion of the data retrieval step within the main analysis script provides: * improved reproducibility of results * improved automation of the analysis process * fewer errors associated with manually downloading and storing input data