Our development services

Measurement systems

Our team is able to design multi-channel measurement systems where complex testing is required. We typically use National Instruments data acquisition boards connected to microphones, accelerometers, GPS, optical encoders and other sensors.

We have successfully used measurement systems for:

  • Close proximity (CPX) road surface noise measurements
  • Noise barrier transmission loss
  • Ceiling transmission loss (CAC) test rig
  • Laboratory testing of partition transmission loss

Custom instrumentation

We have produced custom instrumentation to suit specific project requirements. This includes our multi-purpose noise camera, which is able to process and identify different events, and send back information to a central server.

We offer the following services:

  • Rapid prototyping using single board computers (Raspberry Pi)
  • Single and dual channel sound measurements
  • Camera for event identification / confirmation
  • Temporary and permanent installations (solar powered)
  • Remote downloads of data (over 4G)

Software design and development

Often delivering a software solution allows the client to take control of their own calculations and evaluations, reducing reliance on external consultants. This reduces costs, improves compliance, and assists in streamlining project progress.

Our team performed the requirements analysis and specification for the acoustics and air quality tools on the NZ Transport Agency's website.

We can develop online and desktop solutions using languages including Python, JavaScript, NodeJS, and Matlab.

Artificial intelligence

Aritifical intelligence is no longer science fiction, nor only for universities with super computers. We are able to apply classification techniques such as machine learning and neural networks to analyse data rather than using traditional level and frequency methods. We are implementing these methods in our portable noise cameras, and our construction noise monitoring equipment.

Computer vision can be used for object tracking and optical character recognition. We use these techniques in our portable noise cameras for number plate recognition.