Welcome to Altissimo Consulting

Technology moves quickly and requires dedication to keep on top. Altissimo is a modern environmental consultancy with a technology focus. Small and nimble, we are able to quickly respond to your project demands and specialise in provide innovative solutions.

We are based in Christchurch, New Zealand, however we work across the country, with regular visits to Auckland and Wellington.



Acoustics is our bread and butter, with over a decade of experience in the industry helping both small and large clients meet their needs.

Specialising in environmental acoustics, we offer the full range of modelling and monitoring services. We excel in providing clear and concise reporting, and pride ourselves in effectively communicating technical ideas. We can provide expert witness services to support your project requirements.


Most people think visually, and tables of numbers are seldom effective at communicating complex information. We can produce high quality cartographic outputs either as PDF or online maps. We customise these cartographic outputs specifically to communicate the information most important to your project.

Less and less information is being printed, and the concept of a 'page' places unnecessary constraints on the presentation of information. We are able to produce custom and interactive outputs to best explain your most complex data.


We can design and build custom measurement systems and sensor arrays to meet your specific requirements. We have experience in designing equipment and experimental methodologies in order to perform measurements to international standards.

For more bespoke measurement requirements we can develop rapid deployment custom systems.

We also offer software development as a service. We specialise in designing and deploying online calculation and mapping tools.