About altissimo

Who we are

While Altissimo may be a new company (est 2018) it is not a new team, with all of us having worked together at URS/AECOM in the past. The Altissimo team are experienced acoustic engineers, with a common background in environmental acoustics. Altissimo brings a diverse set of skills together, with an aim of providing cutting edge bespoke services to Altissimo's clients.

Altissimo is a team of passionate engineers who are not focussed on purely on profit, but rather delivering good work and having fun at the same time.

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Our Philosophy

Having worked together previously the Altissimo team have a common ethos and philosophy of collaboration, technology, and exceptional client service. We know that the key to the success of any project is effective communication and coordination, and we have developed novel methods for effectively presenting technical material.

Altissimo's small team allows them to focus on individual projects and they are willing to go the extra mile for their clients.

Our team

Michael Smith


Michael has degrees in mechatronic engineering and computer science, and over 12 years of professional experience.

While he likes to get his hands dirty, he excels at strategic thinking and the creative side of engineering. Often fully defining the problem is the biggest challenge of the project.

He has a passion for technology, and was an early adopter of GIS for the majority of acoustics work, and minimising time spent in clunky modelling packages.

Outside of work, Michael can be found kayaking in summer and ski touring in winter.

Dr Robin Wareing


Rob has a degree in mechanical engineering, a PhD in acoustic engineering, and over 5 years experience in acoustic consulting, testing, and research. While doing his PhD, he assisted in the management and operation of the University of Canterbury acoustic testing laboratories, and is intimately familiar with the test standards and equipment. Since moving to consultancy, Rob has expanded the scope of his acoustic knowledge and strives to deliver a high quality service to his clients.

Rob has a passion for developing innovative methods and tools for collecting, analysing, presenting, and reporting data. His aim is to empower his clients and end users with the tools that suit their specific needs.

Rob is the driving force behind the classification system for our intelligent noise monitors, which use machine learning techniques to automatically identify the sources and types of noise from a site.

John Bull


John is our instrumentation guru, and much more. John has a Masters in Engineering from the University of Canterbury, and is responsible from projects such as the noise barrier test rig, close proximity (CPX) trailer, and our portable noise cameras.

John is also a GIS wizard and can make short work of your spatial problems.