Our geospatial services

Interactive mapping

Using an interactive mapping platform a simple drawing can be transformed into a valuable tool to inform decision-making, negotiate with stakeholders and assist site-based teams to manage a projects environmental effects.

Using your geospatial data we can build an interactive web map from the ground up, or implement a proprietary system to push updates to project teams.


In the modern world there are vast amounts of available data, the key to success is know how, when and why to use this data. We utilise GIS software to manipulate and analyse various data sets in order to produce meaningful and useful outputs.

We can produce statistics, maps, and reports that evaluate:

  • The overlay and intersection of data
  • Line of sight analyis
  • Population exposure analysis
  • Topographical screening
  • Noise and vibration emissions

Data Collection

We can assist you to use your phones and tablets for data collection in the field. We are skilled at challenging what information is required, deciding the appropriate data structures and either developing a custom interface for you or configuring off-the-shelf products.

Collection results can be presented on an interactive web map.


We produce clear and concise figures for use both within our reports, and as dedicated plan sets. Before we prepare maps we always consider what the purpose of the figure is, both in terms of the information to be conveyed, and the intended audience.

We adopt the approach of 'less is more', however we are able to convey complex information without overloading the reader.

Map production over large areas can be automated, and can be easily updated when content changes.